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Ryan Bang is overwhelmed to get another big break on new teen show Shout Out!

Ryan Bang downplays the fact that he is the most successful alum of 'Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010' to date.


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11/18/2010 7:30 AM
Ryan Bang is overwhelmed to get another big break on new teen show Shout Out!

As one of the most successful faces from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010, Ryan Bang has his hands full with tapings for shows like Showtime, Banana Split, and 30w POwhz. Starting next week, the young comedian will also be seen on the new teen-variety show program Shout Out! which airs on November 29, Monday. The 19-year-old Korean admitted he didn'rsquo;t expect to get another choice project so soon in his showbiz career. "I really don'rsquo;t understand why they got me. They'rsquo;re all handsome and beautiful [on the show], a very nice group. I really don'rsquo;t get it. I'rsquo;m just a comedian. Actually I'rsquo;m very happy to be part of Shout Out!, but I really don'rsquo;t understand why they got me. Maybe they have comedy game, that'rsquo;s why they got me," he humbly said. The show also features Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, Arron Villaflor, Empress, and Sam Concepcion as its main hosts as well as other PBB Teen housemates. "Of course I'rsquo;m so happy to be working with them. I'rsquo;m always happy. My best friend is James (Reid), Bret (Jackson), Ivan (Dorschner), everyone. But especially James and Bret because I thought I was the number one laziest person in the world but no, they'rsquo;re more lazy then me so I like them, (laughs)" he said.

With his career on the rise, Ryan said he doesn'rsquo;t allow his rising popularity to get to his ego. "I feel very good. I'rsquo;m following the flow. I don'rsquo;t think about it too much. I don'rsquo;t know yet what I will do in Shout Out! I just know I just go with the flow and be happy," he admitted. Aside from honing his skills in comedy, Ryan shared that he looks forward to also getting the chance to do more singing and dancing in Shout Out! Ryan also downplayed the issue that even though he did not win the grand prize in PBB, he still became the most popular teen housemate. "Everyone says that, everyone has opinion. But maybe it'rsquo;s because I'rsquo;m not handsome, I'rsquo;m a comedian so no need workshop. Everyone knows that. Actually I can just go. But them, they'rsquo;re handsome, they need a lot of workshop. They need to learn acting. I'rsquo;m not handsome that'rsquo;s why people like me. I'rsquo;m just myself. Just being natural," he insisted.