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EXCLUSIVE: Yael Yuzon reveals why he and Karylle don’t have baby plans

Yael Yuzon will head to Canada this month with his band SpongeCola.


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5/19/2017 10:09 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Yael Yuzon reveals why he and Karylle don’t have baby plans

051917-YaelYuzon_PUSH.jpgAs the frontman for SpongeCola, lead vocalist Yael Yuzon said the next few months are going to be busy for him and his band. “We’re going to be in Canada. Whistler on the 24th, White Horse May 27, Winnipeg on the 28th and June 18 we’ll be in Singapore tapos we’re going to play all over the Philippines. Just go to our Facebook page if you want to talk to the band or if you want to talk about basketball. I man that Facebook page so I see all the messages,” he shared during the Saucony Freedom Fridays event held last May 12 in Makati city.

His three-year marriage to It’s Showtime host Karylle has been smooth sailing according to Yael. “Okay naman. It’s been like this for quite a while. Everything’s pretty chill. K and I are constantly trying to find things to do as artists. So parang being together, we’re in an environment where we’re always talking about how to push each other the right way. That’s pretty much it. Everything is great. We don’t have a maid at home. We have chores. I do the dishes. We’re very Westernized like that if you can call it that,” he revealed.

The Saucony celebrity ambassador also admitted that if anything has changed with his wife, it is just her TV viewing habits. “I’ve known her for quite a while. There are some new things na ginagawa niya lately like watching Koreanovelas. That’s what she does now. I’m good naman at reading people ever since so it’s not a surprise she likes that. So everything is chill eh,” he shared.

When it comes to having kids, Yael admitted that he and Karylle have never really wanted to plan it. “Well kasi we’re both very busy so parang if it happens, it happens. It’s kind of that kind of thing. It’s not like a full-on attacking that plan kind of thing. We’re just enjoying life right now. Ang priority namin is life so whatever that is, that’s part of it. But it’s like a lot of things. If the baby happens it will happen. So it’s more of like a life plan,” he said.

When Karylle does get pregnant, Yael said he is ready with a boy’s name. I’ve thought of a name for the guy. His name is going to be Luke. I love Star Wars but that’s not really the reason why but it’s a secret,” he added.