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Issa Pressman explains why she will never follow sister Yassi into showbiz

Issa Pressman wants to be known for her craft as an artist rather than a showbiz personality.



3/28/2019 9:54 AM
Issa Pressman explains why she will never follow sister Yassi into showbiz

Photo credit: @pressmanissa/ @yassipressman on Instagram

Even though nothing has changed since she decided to come out as bisexual and publicly profess her love for her partner Marga Bermudez, Issa Pressman said she feels great about the opportunity to inspire a lot of people with her brave move. 

“Nothing. Because all my life I’ve been honest with my choices. Then if anything, it’s been greater kasi apparently, I’ve been inspiring other people. But as like for me, if anything had changed, nothing naman because I’ve always been honest,” she told PUSH during an interview with the entertainment press at the launch of OPPO’s newest smartphone F11 Pro.

With several women getting categorized for their sexual preference, Pressman sent out a powerful message about blurring out the border that comes with one's choice when it comes to sexuality.

“I’d really say the more you think that there’s a difference, the more you think there’s a limit and there’s a border, the more you’re actually building it up. If you just like inspire more people that it shouldn’t matter, that’s how you’re going to fade out and blur out the borders,” she stated.

While Issa Pressman is doing gigs as an influencer, she declared that she has no plans to follow in the footsteps of her sister Yassi. 

“No, no, no,” she firmly stated. “I actually started showbiz when I was younger. But little by little I’m like trying to course away from that. It’s good na rin na me and my sister we have different environments. And we grew up in different cultures and different styles. Or least we have like difference because our personalities are different naman, eh,” she said. 

Admitting that talent management VIVA once steered her to the entertainment biz direction, Pressman said she couldn’t be any happier for the support given to her following her decision to stray away from the said path.

“They did before naturally because that’s there environment. They would as much as possible want to like push me to the showbiz industry also. But then little by little show business and like personality celebrities are changing, people are drawing into more music, drawing into having their own style. So VIVA supports me naman on that. Na parang whatever you want to do, you could do. Like they let me dress up specifically, they let me post. You know, like when I wanted to do the Close-up campaign with Marga, parang they just agreed,” she stated. 

Known for being a talented painter, Pressman said she wants to focus on her craft rather than be known as a showbiz personality. 

“Yes. More as an artist than an actual celebrity,” she concluded.